Warning: It’s not like a typically ego shooter gamemode, but please be open minded!

A small group of sauerbraten players are going to implement a bomberman like gamemode for sauerbraten. Why? Because we loved bomberman and thought it would be a great extension to sauerbraten. Sauerbraten provides most of what’s needed: a 3d engine, players, items, mapmodels, weapons and so on. So the implementation of a bomberman like gamemode shouldn’t be that hard.

But also, we thought, we should make it closer to sauerbraten than to the original bomberman. Firstly, unlike bomberman it’s played in a 3d environment in first person. Secondly, it should be possible to do some actions that needs some experience and skills like weaponjumps in other gamemodes.

Technical View

In the bomberman gamemode we implemented a new weapon: the bomb. Unlike other weapons, you get the bomb back if it exploded. So you have to wait, before dropping a bomb again. Also unlike other weapons players cannot go through bombs. The players are colliding with the bomb and have to make a detour. Also, as previously mentioned, players needs some skills in throwing a bomb. Firstly they can throw the bomb further or shorter. Secondly, using bombs they are able to climb.

Furthermore in the bomberman gamemode there are some items players can collect. The bombs item provides players a second, third, … bomb they can drop concurrently. The bombradius item lets the bomb explosion radius get bigger. An the bombdelay item shortens the time before the bomb explodes.

There is another thing to mention: there is a new entity type called obstacle. In the bomberman gamemode players can damage obstacle like barrels or boxes. If the health is lower than the damage, the obstacle explodes. Unlike boxes or barrels obstacles doesn’t move if hit (no hitpush). Also unlike boxes and barrels, obstacles does not start in falling mode. That means that obstacles are flying. The behaviour in this case is like normal mapmodels. Unlike barrels but like boxes, obstacles are not cause damage to other entities or players.

We would love if this gamemode became an official gamemode in sauerbraten. So here are the benefits: a completely different gamemode, other ego-shooter games don’t have. This game mode brings in new swing and attracts new players. It shows the abilities of the engine. And it would be a great addition to the open source game community.

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