Inexor’s first alpha release

Inexor is the new name of our open source game project. The recently launched website is available here:

The project makes good progress and we are about to release the very first alpha. Starting from the rock solid Sauerbraten source code which is sadly stalling right now, we are forking the project and bring it on a higher level. From the developer perspective we created a GitHub repository, introduced a feature branch development model and two-weekly meetings. Also, we’re using CMake as new cross platform build system and Travis for lightweight continuous integration. At a later point we want to replace Travis with Jenkins. We started to document the source code (yes, the old source code too) and created a wiki on GitHub for describing the architecture and features. Lastly, we introduced a unit test framework and want to write tests for all new features.

Building a stable base for development is important, but creating high quality content for the game is even more important. Sauerbraten’s source code is free, but the content is not. We started to drop all non-free content and include new high quality content such as HD textures. Because the maps of Sauerbraten are not free, we try to contact the creators and ask them for re-licensing on a free license like creative commons attribution.

New big features to be expect in the next alpha releases are: JavaScript Scripting Engine, Interprocess Communication, User Interface based on HTML5 and JavaScript technologies.


For all progress on the first alpha release follow this link:—coffein-edition-

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